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Freelance Webmaster (Magento Specialist), Linux System Admin

Background: Webmaster (senior), Linux System Administrator, Programmer (jun), Production planner.
Deep knowledge of a diverse set of job functions ranging from Informatics (Linux System Administrator, Magento 2 and Drupal specialist, PHP programming), Production planning (MRP/CRP sw), Executive Administration and Accountability, acquired through real-life experiences.
- Outstanding Organizational Skills: able to plan and coordinate all phases of a project-based effort, working across organizational boundaries.
- Passion for innovation: loves to work with Linux-based systems (RedHat/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu), Junior PHP/MySQL Programmer, Senior Webmaster (works with any CMS).
- Freelance Webmaster with deep knowledge of the e-commerce platform Magento CE and the CMS Drupal: carries out its own projects with ease.
- Budget experiences: Thorough knowledge of day-to-day operations combined with accurate planning and budget control for long-term success.
- High ability when it comes to learn and navigate internal software quickly, proved by IT competences and experience.
I previously worked in Vancouver (BC) and Captain Cook (HI). These exciting experiences abroad helped my understanding of foreign markets and cultures. And contributed to improve my English as well.. :) Current interests? Improve my language skills .. as the Russian-American poet Joseph Brodsky once remarked: "A language is a more ancient and inevitable thing than any state" ;) Short-term goals? Improve my Linux knowledge when it comes to server security and monitoring. Open-minded, beekeeper, backpacker.. and green-economy enthusiast!!
Webmaster, Linux System Administrator
Webmaster experienced in deploying and mantaining e-Commerce solutions, expecially skilled in Magento 1 and Magento 2.
As a skilled Linux System Administrator knows how to deal with deploying and maintaining a network running under Linux with any major Linux distribution (RedHat/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu, SUSE). Know i.e. how to deal with the web server security, how to deal with clustering and how to maintain VPS and dedicated servers.
• Deep knowledge of open-source CMS like MAGENTO (1 and 2) and DRUPAL (7 and 8). Know how to deal with Wordpress, Prestashop, Joomla! and other CMS
• Knows HTML5, CSS3, a bit of JS
• Good Knowledge of PHP and MySQL;
• Deals with ease with Magento, solving any server-side or platform-related issue may arise.
Don't have a clue how to solve your problems with Magento? We can assist you with virtually any issue, no matter if's related to your server or your magento installation.
We're proud to be Nexcess partner and will guide you through a renovation of your platform if necessary. 
And don't worry about scalability: let us take care of it: we will take your e-commerce store to a new, much higher, niveau


Production Planner



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